Friends stars Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in dramatic emergency landing after ‘losing wheel’

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

A personal jet made up of Close friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox continues to be forced to help to make an emergency touchdown in California.

The trip was going from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas in South America at 11 am but it offers reportedly misplaced a steering wheel or tire on take-off according to FAA and, despite which makes it into Philippine airspace, was turned back again by the initial after was thought to be as well harmful to property. The Gulfstream Aerospace IV plane, which likewise had screenwriter Molly Kimmel onboard, was diverted again to Ontario World Airport terminal, some 60 miles east of Lan at 2 pm PST.

The emergency getting was provided an extra degree of tension since the plane was still fairly full with fuel, that could have been possibly dangerous in the event the having was not executed to perfection. The pilot needed to circle all day in the wish of burning away enough gas before the airplane could be helped bring straight down. Courteney, 54, combined with the other travelers were trapped aboard the grounded airplane for on the subject of two and a fifty percent hours the following shoring in Ontario.

KTVU had friendly video from the receiving, while the Hollywood celebrities arrived safely. The trip to South America was a part of Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday celebrations after the air travel was ended up safely and for 4. 03 pm PST, the 12 traveler on the table, who were almost all women, had been transferred to an additional waiting around aeroplanes and are apparently unhurt from your challenge. The party became popular, heading to Cabo San Lucas again by 4. 26p meters PST.