Google Chrome is adding support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons – here’s why

Nintendo Switch

Google is getting support designed for Nintendo Switch controllers towards the Google Chrome web browser, this offers surfaced.

Ahead of the company’s big story in the Game Developers Conference (GDC) upcoming week, Chrome is usually gaining regional support just for the cross console’s well-known add-ons. A fresh make noticed inside the resource code for Google’s Chromium Gerrit page (via 9to5Google) guarantees to “Improve support for the purpose of Nintendo Switch gamepads.”

That will consist of local support the Joy-Con controllers using a Bluetooth interconnection, seeing that very well because localized support with respect to charging the Joy-Con Charging by way of USB. Google is usually likewise enhancing support for the Switch Pro controller via Bluetooth and USB, past the new support with regards to the Linux version of the browser.

This means game designers will be able to rely on the support of the Switch controllers once building their particular games, without needing to undertake extra development.