IFAB wants clearer handball rule, gives thumbs-down to ABBA system of penalty shootouts


Soccer’s rule-making physique IFAB offers agreed the guidelines from the game possess to be better in determining what comprises animal handball. IFAB stated the subject matter was talked about at size at a conference upon Thursday night “with a contract becoming come to on the requirement for an even more exact and comprehensive text for the various types of handball accidents”.

“The most significant annotations relate to ‘nondeliberate’ handball scenarios, where there is definitely an unjust ‘outcome/benefit’ because of the ball producing contact with a player’s hand/arm,” this said. Presently there can be a continuous argument over what is generally regarded as planned handball with fines frequently granted when the ball strikes a defender’s hands at point-blank range.

IFAB also suggested the intro of a fresh guideline to pressure replaced players to keep the message with the nearest touchline. This would prevent circumstances where a participant dawdles halfway throughout the field towards canal in a bet to waste materials period.

IFAB likewise recommended the introduction of red and yellow cards for wrong-doings by group officials and the ball ought to zero much longer have to maintain the charges region in objective leg techniques. Nevertheless, the so-called ABBA program intended for costs shootouts was declined.