Italian police reveal ‘€3m painting’ stolen from church was a copy

Italian police

The heist seemed to have gone completely according to plan. The robbers out of cash into the screen case in an Italian language chapel on Wednesday morning hours and produced away with a €3m portray by 17th-century Flemish artist Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

But police force revealed that evening there has been one problem – the snatched artwork was a duplicate.

The genuine version from the Crucifixion, donated to Santa Maria Maddalena cathedral in the little Ligurian city of Castelnuovo Magra a hundred forty years ago, was safely held aside a month ago as part of a carefully concocted bluff.

Law enforcement was which the criminals had placed their places on the work of art, which was the focus on of the successful robbery in 1981 before getting recovered a couple of weeks later on, and therefore arranged up a monitoring program to preserve view before the crooks selected their instant to take action.

The town’s mayor, Daniele Montebello, was among the few people privy to the subterfuge, together to keep up the pretence inside the hours following the heist, informing journalists that losing the painting was “a hard blow to get the community”.

“Whispers were moving that somebody could take the function, and therefore the authorities decided to place it in a safe and sound place, updating this with a copy and setting up some cameras,” Montebello said upon Wed night time. “I say thanks to the police but several of the people of the churches that had to pass by it, who observed that the piece of art on display was not the initial yet held in the key.”

The piece of art made a donation to the chapel by a rich family and was concealed throughout the second world war to avoid it by being stolen simply by German troops.

Pieter Brueghel the Younger is the child of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, who also was considered 1 of the best performers from the Flemish and Dutch Renaissance. Brueghel younger mainly created a living via burning his father’s functions. The Crucifixion is usually an essential oil protecting on an oak -panel.

As the number of fine art thefts found in Italy chop down from 906 in 2011 to 449 in 2016, the nation is still the largest marketplace pertaining to stolen skill due to its large quantity of features.