Kim Jong-un’s ‘butler’ in Vietnam ahead of Trump-Kim summit

Trump-Kim summit

The “butler” of North Korean head Kim Jong-un is within Vietnam forward of a peak meeting with US President Donald Trump arranged for the upcoming week.

During his check out to the capital town of Hanoi, the de-facto key of staff Kim Chang-son offers been noticed looking at out potential peak locations.

Kim Jong-un will meet up with Mister Trump on 27-28 Feb for any planned second conference.

Their particular first conference, in Singapore last Summer, was the very first time the two countries’ serving market leaders had fulfilled.

Who is Kim Chang-son?
A detailed guide of Kim Jong-un, Kim Chang-son, who has recently been known by Southerly Korean press as the “butler” towards the North Korean innovator, found its way to Vietnam more than the weekend.

Kim Chang-son is currently the country’s de-facto chief of personnel, yet has been in the Kim family’s use for several years.

Relating to NK Leadership View, this individual was previously the director and primary secretary of the National Defence Commission. He was likewise Kim Jong-un’s essential help, and was accountable for his routine and itineraries.

Precisely what is he performing in Vietnam?
Mr. Kim has been viewed checking out feasible places intended for the maximum in Hanoi, according to Reuters.

Having been seen going to an authorities guesthouse as well as the Metropole and Melia resorts, situated in the center from the city.

He could be also prone to end up being talking about process and protection issues with his US counterparts.

Daniel Walsh, the deputy main of staff for procedures and helper to the US chief executive, and Alex Wong, the US deputy assistant secretary of state for North Korea are both already in the capital.