Lion King teaser trailer hits 224 million views globally in 24 hours

Lion King teaser trailer

This featured the pets coming from one of the very most iconic parts – the minute the youthful cub Simba, Mufasa’s inheritor, is exposed on Satisfaction Rock and roll, because well whilst a voice-over from Mufasa ( James Earl Jones).

Lion king ended up well-known on Tweets with above 320k twitter posts.

Collection to strike movies about Come July 19, 2019, the rebuilding of the 1995 film features Beyonce; Chiwetel Ejiofor; Donald Glover, Seth Rogan as Pumbaa, John Oliver seeing as Zazu and is usually aimed by Jon Favreau.

Disney’s Lion Grasp needs more than from Avengers: Infinity Battle which kept the aged record with 238 mil sights in 2017.