Namibia’s success in the fight against HIV


Harvey Davis shows up to open up the door to his dusty, blowing wind swept substance in the remote part of north Maltahohe, Namibia.

“Welcome, pleasant, it’s been thus lengthy seeing that we’ve experienced site visitors,” he exclaims at the two wellness employees.

The 79-year-old summons his wife, Ruth Nasidengo, that is 40, off their house. The girl comes forth with two infants, adhering with each supply.

This is actually the front collection in Namibia’s war against HIV, in which a data-driven on-the-ground approach offers helped it is come to be one of the most effective countries in tackling the spread.

The red-uniformed overall health staff will be field officials, who are accountable to a troop commander, who also, in turn, is usually under a department commander. Instead of weapons, their particular weaponry will be a little plastic material desk and a chillier handbag packed with snow packages and HIV assessments.

Leontine Iipinge and Nancy Johannes possess walked even more than 3km (2 kilometers) from other foundation inside the Oshana area to visit the few.

The initials TCE, meaning Total Control of Epidemic, stand out on bold characters on their t-shirts. It is usually a program operated by a nationwide NGO, Development Help from Individuals to People (Dapp Namibia).

The field employees are a pair of more than two hundred TCE wellbeing workers offering a populace of almost 182,500.

Mrs. Nasidengo, a mom of twin babies, has been coping with HIV for more than a 10 years and has been a customer of TCE for 2 years.

Yet this checks out is about her spouse when he is about to get his first home HIV check.

The ice packages in the chillier maintain the right temperature intended for the quick tests.

Together with his 11-month-old child, Dora, seated on his panel Mr. Davis watches while Ms. Iipinge unpacks and disinfects her instruments and pricks his ring finger.

“I’m not concerned, “this individual quips, “but it sure appears to prefer Dora is definitely.”