Passengers on board an Emirates flight were asked to help a man propose to his flight attendant girlfriend, and the result was incredibly romantic


An Italian guy proposed to his journey attendant sweetheart in panel an Emirates trip by Rome to Dubai.

This individual enlisted the assistance of the staff and people, who had almost all decorated the cottage.
The girl said okay and known as it all “the most amazing daytime of my existence. “A few offers melted minds across the globe after a video tutorial of their diamond went viral.

Italian couple Stefano Inve and Vittoria Stabile received involved for 35,000 feet.

Vittoria is a flights worker to get Emirates and idea the lady was just functioning a regular change while your woman boarded a trip via Rome to Dubai. Small do the woman understand, it might switch to be able to become probably the most unforgettable plane tickets of her presence.

Stefano was about plank together enlisted the help of not only all of those another team yet also the travelers in the elaborate pitch, which was captured on multiple video cameras and posted on Emirates’ sociable press stations.

Without Vittoria understanding, the vacation cabin had been embellished with hearts and decorations hanging through the roof.

If the air travel attendant emerged in the galley, your woman was in total shock by what this lady discovered — she was greeted simply by passengers providing her reddish roses, masking their encounters with cardboard boxes cut-outs of Stefano’s, and holding up minds and communications.

Obviously, conquer with feelings, Vittoria strolled straight down the aisle battling to hold back again tears.

When she comes to the next galley, she a new full arrangement of tulips and found her partner awaiting her.

Stefano got all the way down on a single leg, sprang the query, and Vittoria said affirmative, with the masses around her coming pockets and keeping up “S” and “V” balloons.

The right now groom-to-be slid an engagement ring into his fiancée’s finger as well as the whole aircraft erupted in applause.

It of the involvement has now experienced 550,000 views on Instagram, with many fans expressing their particular joy in the answer.

“Love is in the air,” stated 1 person.

“This is totally heartwarming,” added an additional.

And the bride-to-be herself left a comment, “Thanks pertaining to posting the majority of a great day of my way of life.”