Seth Meyers calls Trump a ‘weird man’ for his recent ‘lie’ about Finland

Seth Meyers

Past due Night time ” sponsor Seth Meyers went following Chief executive Donald Trump about Monday night time for his latest feedback on the subject of Finland’s forest administration.

Over the weekend, Trump visited the devastated scenery of Washington dc affected by the deadly forest fires. Whilst speaking to the press, this individual pointed out a discussion he experienced with all the chief executive of Finland, who also evidently known as his personal region a good “forest region ” and exactly how they begin “raking and washing ” after their particular forest fire.

Meyers referred to as Trump’s responses “ odd ” and “bizarre. ”

“Whether you think Donald Overcome colluded with Russian federation or perhaps not, if you consider him to end up being a danger to democracy or not really, one matter I think that everyone may agree about is that he could be odd, ” Meyers stated. “He is generally a weird guy. Simply a flag-hugging, umbrella-ditching, cannot perform a regular handshake-kind-of-weirdo. And among [the] peculiar, small items about Donald Trump’s administration is definitely that each few a few months or therefore, he concocts a weird lay regarding another country and after that everyone in this land offers to amount out the actual hell he is speaking about. ”

The NBC late-night star outlined Trump’s 2017 remarks regarding some assault that happened in sweden as well as unsupported claims from the 2016 campaign where he described what sort of “friend” frequently told him that Rome was “no much longer Rome. ” This individual also included Trump’s feedback towards the UN Basic Set up in which he mentioned that Germany was first getting “totally reliant ” on Russian energy.

The “ Overdue Night time ” hosting company as well blasted Trump for talking about the ground from the forest like a “floor. ”

“ Will he also contact the the ‘ ceiling of the earth? ’” Meyers asked. “The even more this individual discussions, the clearer this is normally that he gives by no means recently been outside. ”

After posting reviews just how Finland’s leader didn’t remember talking about “raking” in his discussions with Overcome, Meyers added we’re “one week away” from the Romanian president informing the press he in no way told him “vampires will be true. ”