The gravity-bending story of Nasa’s ingenious space pen

space pen

Developing up since a baby in the US in the 1960s, We were thrilled to drink Tang, seeing that simply by the advantage of John Glenn’s gulping of your fruit-flavored beverage upon Nasa’s Gemini quests, it became regarded because the “drink belonging to the astronauts”. Drinking Tang produced me experience linked for the broader ensemble. It was not until several years later on I acquired a Fisher Space Pen, which was an even more concrete connection to sides beyond – the Space Pen down could (and still will ) create in no the law of the law of gravity.

All of us haven’t manufactured a zero-gravity trip, however, but I actually think a few version within the dog pen will probably be about once We all carry out. In 2018, the Fisher Pen Company recognized the 50th anniversary for the Space Pen’s inaugural air travel, commemorating the 1968 Apollo 7 objective, which was crucial to the planning for the following year’s Moon getting. There possess been Space Pens in each manned goal – which includes Space Shuttle service and Mir Space Station plane tickets — since Apollo 7, which usually talks to the long-lasting exercise of the composing device, as well as advancement more than period.

That progression offers included a large number of fresh choices and designs – army, outdoor lover, law enforcement, commemorative – of the products, however, the complex connection of it is anti-gravity professional has remained amazingly consistent. Firm creator Paul Fisher trademarked a covered, pressurized printer ink container intended for the initial anti-gravity coop in 1966, and that primary technology abides.

The pen’s “thixotropic” printer ink is key: “It’s near to a good before becoming stirred, so that as it is stirred by the ball going through the idea, it becomes extremely thin, that allows it to flow inside the gravity-free cleaner of space,” says Matt Fisher, VP of Sales and Sales and Marketing at Fisher, and grandson from the pen’s creator, Paul Fisher.