Blac Chyna called out for skin-lightening cream

Blac Chyna

The model’s new product, in partnership with a brandname called Whitenicious, was declared on Instagram.

The Whitenicious x Blac Chyna Collection is explained as a great “illuminating and brightening cream” that “lightens without whitening skin out”.

Some pores and skin lightening items are prohibited in the UK.

The founder of Whitenicious is usually Cameroonian take star Denecia.

There has been equipment about her brand because it launched in 2014.

Within an interview with Ebony during the time, she was quoted because stating: “Will Whitenicious whiten your skin in case you utilize it upon all of your skin area? Yes, it is going to. Are all of us offering Whitenicous for that goal? No, we are going to not really. inch

The company says its cream is meant to become used for circumstances like hyperpigmentation, when people possess dark places on their skin.

But that hasn’t halted a repercussion against Blac Chyna, who also to popularity burning and modelling, prior to starting a make-up company and having a kid with Rob Famous kardashian.